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The perfect website design for your business or organization may very well already exist! The challenge is to harness the power of that ideal WordPress theme or template without ending up with a website design that looks cookie-cutter or too much like other websites. Coastal Graphics can help you make that popular WordPress theme that you’ve fallen in love with uniquely yours!
Dover Colonial Rotary Club - Dover, DE
Dover Colonial Rotary Club - Dover, DE
Dover Colonial Rotary Club - Dover, DE
If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s the world’s most popular open-source framework for building websites of any kind. You can think of it as the “engine” that powers your website, while your chosen design template, or “theme,” is like your car’s interior & exterior styling, and there are now literally thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of third-party commercial themes readily available!

Check out some of the popular Wordpress themes from some of the world's most popular sources below:

Template Monster

Studio Press
Be sure to also check out the great selection of Wordpress themes available from Studiopress, home of the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Genesis Framework!
And don't forget to also take a look on (not to be confused with Lots of great FREE themes are available here!
Our U-Pick Wordpress Theme Service includes:
Yes Guidance *
We'll help you pick the right Wordpress theme for your goals and objectives.
Yes Configuration
We'll match your selected theme's color palette, logo placeholder, featured images and other optional settings to your existing brand imagery.
Yes Organization **
We'll arrange your selected theme's page structure and navigation to your specifications.
Yes Content Placement **
We'll enter your pre-composed website content within the framework of your selected theme.
Yes Activation
We'll make the standard contact/mail form of your new Wordpress theme functional.
Yes Safeguarding
We'll install and configure security and backup tools on your new Wordpress website.
We'll GIVE YOU ONE FREE MONTH of the REVIEWLEAD online review and reputation management platform! (a $99 value!).
All for just $599!
  • Theme not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Up to 12 Website pages and/or 5,000 words. Additional charges may apply for additional pages/content.
Optional Features & Services
  • Domain Registration and/or Transfer $99
  • Web & Domain Hosting, full control panel access $16.99/month
  • New Logo Design (custom quoted) starting at $99
  • Content Development (per 500 words) $60 contract
    $100 non-contract
  • Animations And Interactive Graphics (custom quoted) $60/hr contract
    $100/hr non-contract
  • Payment Processing Integration (custom quoted) $60/hr contract
    $100/hr non-contract
  • Online Store Integration (custom quoted) $60/hr contract
    $100/hr non-contract
  • Ongoing Support $60/hr contract
    $100/hr non-contract
  • Stock Images ** (custom quoted)
  • Included stock images remain licensed to Coastal Graphics and may not be repurposed without paying an additional licensing fee.
(All pricing is subject to change)