We’ll beat ANY Price by 10% or moreof ANY bonafide standard web development project proposal in the USA of up to $5,000!

That’s right! For any legitimate standard web development project that’s normally priced (not on sale or already promotionally discounted), we’ll beat any formal, verifiably authentic bid or proposal of up to $5,000 by 10% or more if it’s been finalized and offered by any professional website designer or web application developer in the USA! That’s how confident we are that our fees are among the lowest available – and that the value you’ll get from our products and services is second to none!

Coastal Graphics Lowest Price Guarantee

So how much do our services REALLY cost?
In most cases, Coastal Graphics is able to provide free initial consultation, and there’s no charge for preliminary estimates. That gives you the ability to more clearly assess how and when to best proceed with your project. All of our project estimates are based upon an assessment of time and material requirements for each of the component efforts within the production cycle.
A billable time allowance is also normally allotted for project conception, design and layout refinement, as well as any necessary testing, debugging, and foreseeable post‑production adjustments. Additionally, billable material items may include compensation for any required third‑party products such as stock photography and illustration, software, printed stock and display equipment. Finally, logistical considerations, such as on-site consultation or any necessary postage or delivery expenses, may also be billable.

Coastal Graphics - Quality, Value, Experience and Results

At Coastal Graphics, we take particular pride in our ability to provide quality, experience and value to clients of all shapes and sizes. We make every effort to educate our clients about all available options and strategies with respect to the task at hand, and we disclose all fees up front, including any foreseeable additional charges. We know that it’s our responsibility to be flexible in order to accommodate you; not the other way around!
So if you want to start enjoying all of the incalculable benefits of a professional web presence, don’t wait! Contact us now and we’ll help you get started right away!