We build landing pages that work!

So what exactly is a “Landing Page”, and why do you need them? Simply put, a landing page is a single-page, stand-alone website that is distinct from your main website, and that has been designed to induce visitors to take a single, specific action. Landing pages can be used to collect visitor info, entice visitors to make an immediate purchase (“click here to buy now!”), persuade visitors to watch an informational video, direct visitors to individual areas of your main website and much, much more. Landing pages are perhaps the best way to convert visitors into real leads and actual sales, as well as track and measure the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns. They’re also a great way to grow your overall online presence and visibility.

Financial and Professional Service Landing Pages

Educational and Institutional Landing Pages

Restaurant and Retailer Landing Pages

Hotel and Specialty Business Landing Pages

more leads! more sales! more business!

The key to a successful landing page is a message that is clear, concise, compelling and social-proof (meaning that it appears to have been validated by other people). You need to succinctly tell visitors everything they need to know, visually direct them where to go, and effectively convince them to go there! The name of the game is to engage visitors and turn them into conversions!
“Happy Landings” specially designed landing pages by Coastal Graphics are custom created to do just that. You’ll enjoy superior results with full creative freedom and no technical learning curve – and all at a price that just can’t be beat!

All “Happy Landings” Custom Landing Page Packages Include The Following Features
Domain Name Registration & Set-Up
We’ll help you select the perfect domain name and register it for you!
Hosting for One Full Year
We’ll make sure your page is up and running dependably!
Custom-Configured Call to Action Form
Ask and receive whatever information you wish, complete with an automated thank you email!
Content Placement
Provide us with what you want to say, and we’ll make sure it’s formatted properly and attractively!
1 Stock Photo/Image
Well’ll include the professional imagery that will help communicate your message most effectively! (licensed to Coastal Graphics)
Facebook Fan Page Setup
We’ll make you a great looking Facebook Fan page to match your new landing page!
Google Analytics Setup
You’ll know who, when and where your new landing page traffic is coming from!
Additionally Available
Features & Services
Content Developmentonly $49!
Up to 500 words, high quality, professionally written, SEO optimized text crafted from the core concepts you want to communicate!
New Logo Designonly $99!
A new logo to match your new website!
Animations And Interactive Graphicscustom quoted
We’ll create visual elements that will get their attention!
Video Presentation & YouTube® Channel setupcustom quoted
A brief accompanying video will get and hold their attention longer! Check out Short Take for more info!
“Buy Now” Ecommerce call to actioncustom quoted
Include “one click” shopping and sell directly from your page!
Pay Per Click Marketingcustom quoted
We’ll set up and manage your ad campaign so you start getting visitors right away!
Additional Stock Imagescustom quoted
Include even more professional imagery!