Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel!

… but don’t swat a fly with a bazooka either!

WordPress (and to a lesser extent, Joomla and Drupal) has radically changed website development. It’s advantages are clear: quality design, forward compatibility, cost-effective development and rapid deployment. There is a down-side though: there’s a considerable administrative learning curve for those not appreciably experienced with WordPress, and many of the cryptic administrative features and capabilities are not – and will never be – relevant to the needs of those who maintain typical small and medium-sized business websites. Moreover, customization of WordPress themes to suit the specific needs of an individual business or organization can often require a rather high level of technical expertise (which of course, translates into a rather high price tag). Is WordPress the right solution for your business or organization? Contact Coastal Graphics to find out. We’ll help you formulate an objective cost-benefit analysis of using WordPress as the basis for your business or organization’s website. If you decide it’s right for you, we can create a great WordPress website for your business or organization, and at an unbeatable price. We can also help you if you’re having trouble with an existing WordPress website, or would like to explore the prospect of altering the structure and design of your current WordPress theme – as well as the possibility adding custom features to it. If you decide a WordPress solution isn’t right for you, or if you’re frustrated with a WordPress solution you’re currently using, we can provide you with some powerful, feature-rich, economical and easy-to-use alternatives to WordPress.